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Catalog of Supplies

Electronic Color Cards

While every attempt is made to reproduce thread colors accurately, colors on your monitor or printed on paper may not precisely match actual thread colors.  For precise matching please refer to the physical color card.

Classic Rayon
Polyneon 100% Polyester
Frosted Matt
Fire Fighter Fire Resistant Thread
FS Metallic Supertwist
Polyester CR Metallic #40
Sensa Green #40

Info Sheets

Looking for a quick informational link to each of our threads and what they can do for you? Each thread type listed below will provide you with a profile of each of them for you to file, print and share!

Fire Fighter
Frosted Matt
Polyneon Green
Sensa Green

Madeira Color Names

You Asked...We Listened! Madeira USA has named the solid colors of Classic Rayon and Polyneon!
Please remember that color names are for your reference only. Continue to use color numbers when placing your order by phone.

Professor T.H. Read Tips

Terms and Conditions



OEKO-TEX Certificate Standard Threads:
Polyneon 40, 60, 75; Classic 30, 60, 12; Frosted Matt 40; Polyester CR40 BurmilanaCO 12; Luna 40; Monolon; Burmilon; HC40; HC12

OEKO-TEX Certificate Metallic and Other Threads:
FS40; FS50; FS30; FS20; FS15; Supertwist 30; Fire Fighter 40; Soft Metallic 40; Burmilana (wool) 12

OEKO-TEX Certificate Sustainable Threads:
Classic 40; Sensa Green 40

OEKO-TEX Certificate Recycled Threads:
Polyneon Green 40