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E-Zee Education

We have gathered all the documents and informational sheets from within the E-Zee Backing and Topping® and placed them in one location for your convenience.

Download this E-Zee Backing & Topping® guide which will help you understand what backing to use and when

Basic Cut Away Stabilizers

E-Zee Cut® 1.5oz

E-Zee Cut® Hefty 2.0oz

E-Zee Cut® Supreme 2.5oz

E-Zee Cut® Just Right 2.5oz

E-Zee Cut® Super Hefty 3.0oz

E-Zee Cut® Super Hefty Just Right 3.0oz

E-Zee Cut® Super Hefty Plus Just Right 3.1oz

Water Soluble Stabilizers

E-Zee Aqua® Supreme 20mic

E-Zee Cut® Washaway 1.2oz

E-Zee Cut® Washaway Plus 1.9oz

E-Zee Badgemaster®


Basic Tear Away Stabilizers

E-Zee Tear® Lightweight Crisp 1.0oz

E-Zee Tear® Crisp 1.5oz

E-Zee Tear® Plus Crisp 1.8oz

E-Zee Tear® Soft 1.5oz

E-Zee Tear® Plus-Soft 1.8oz

E-Zee Tear® Hefty-Soft 2.0oz

E-Zee Cap® 

E-Zee Cap® Just Right 2.5oz

E-Zee Cap® Supreme 3.0oz

E-Zee Cap® 3.0oz

E-Zee Film - Heat Activated

E-Zee Badge Film Hefty 100mic

E-Zee Film Lightweight 30mic

E-Zee Specialty

E-Zee Cut Extra Stable 2.5oz

E-Zee Weblon Mesh 1.6oz

E-Zee Poly Mesh 1.5oz

E-Zee Tear® Stick On 1.5oz

E-Zee Cut® Applique Magic 1.2oz

E-Zee Tear® Waffle Just Right 1.8oz

E-Zee Crinoline

E-Zee Performance 

E-Zee Cut Performance 2.7oz

E-Zee Weblon No Show 1.5oz

Heat Seals & Film Laminate

E-Zee Film Laminate 3218  

E-Zee Heat Seal 4220

E-Zee Heat Seal 5256

E-Zee 3D Foam

E-Zee 3D Puff Foam

E-Zee Bodybuilder Hard Foam

E-Zee Finishers

E-Zee Weblon No Show Fusible 1.65oz

E-Zee Comfort Just Right 1.3oz



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