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E-Zee Cut® Away

E-Zee Cut® Away basic embroidery stabilizers are non-woven and soft. They are ideal for use with non-stable fabrics such as knits, sweaters, fleece and other fabrics with stretch. Cut Away embroidery stabilizers provide a softness that reduces irritation when worn next to the skin and will remain throughout the life of the garment. The type of fabric and, the design’s size and density will determine the weight of Cut Away needed. The excess stabilizer is trimmed away from the outside of the embroidery, leaving a stable foundation for the design.


Product Information Sheets:

E-Zee Cut® 1.5

E-Zee Cut® Hefty 2.0

E-Zee Cut® Just Right 2.5

E-Zee Cut® Super Hefty 3.0

E-Zee Cut® Super Hefty Just Right 3.0

E-Zee Cut® Super Hefty Plus Just Right 3.1

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