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About Madeira USA Embroidery Bobbins

Bobbins are an essential element in the production of high quality embroidery. With a wide range of bobbin brands from which to choose, including Madeira’s ELITE pre-wound bobbins, you’ll be sure to find your favorite industrial bobbins in both Style L and Style M. Style A is available for home embroidery machines.

Once you have the right size bobbin for your machine, what kind of bobbin should you use for your machine embroidery? There is no right or wrong answer! The bobbin you should use is the one that runs best in your machine and contributes to the least amount of down time. No matter which brand you favor, Madeira USA stocks a wide variety with many different attributes.

Madeira USA offers pre-wound plastic sided bobbins, paper-sided bobbins, magnetic bobbins, sideless bobbins, fire resistant bobbins, and even cones of bobbin thread! All of Madeira USA’s bobbins are made of continuous filament polyester or 100% spun polyester, a strong and reliable thread. The continuous filament produces less lint than other types of polyester or cotton embroidery thread.

Bobbin Sizes
Madeira USA has both Style L and Style M machine embroidery bobbins available. A Style L bobbin is about the size of a nickel, while the larger Style M bobbin is more the size of a quarter. These two sizes are the most common sizes of pre-wound bobbins. The third size that Madeira USA carries is Style A, which is slightly taller than a Style L, but shares the same diameter. Style A bobbins are used on home embroidery machines.

Plastic-Sided Bobbins
Madeira USA offers a selection of pre-wound plastic-sided bobbins that are ideal for preventing distortion from oiling or humidity. They also make it easy to visually judge when bobbin thread is getting low. Available in Style L, these plastic-sided machine embroidery bobbins come in boxes of 144.

Paper-Sided Bobbins
Paper-sided embroidery bobbins have semi-rigid sides that help reduce lint in the bobbin cavity and create less friction and wear against the metal bobbin case. Madeira USA offers multiple sizes of pre-wound paper-sided bobbins. Paper-sided bobbins come in both white and black varieties.

Magnetic Bobbins
Madeira USA’s magnetic sided bobbins create consistent tension that makes for minimum waste and downtime. For best results, remove anti-backlash springs from bobbin cases when using magnetic machine embroidery bobbins. Magnetic bobbins are available in black and white, with a magnetic side or magnetic core, in Style L and Style M.

Sideless Bobbins
Madeira USA’s Style L sideless embroidery bobbins last longer than sided bobbins, but may require more tensioning. Sideless bobbins are easy to run, easy to change, and allow you to see how much is left of the bobbin through the bobbin case!

Fire Resistant Bobbins
Made of 100% Aramid, containing Nomex® fibers by DuPont®, flame resistant bobbin thread is ideal for industries where safety is a concern. Flame resistant bobbin thread is intended for use with Madeira’s Fire Fighter top thread and flame resistant backing.

Bobbin Thread Cones
Want to wind your own bobbins? Madeira USA has cones of bobbin thread available in white and black spun polyester. Fire Fighter Flame Resistant bobbin thread is also available and is made of the same 100% Aramid as the pre-wound bobbins, and it contains Nomex® fibers by Dupont®.