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 Webinars With Industry Experts


 Instructional Videos


 Embroidery Techniques

Learn about different types of embroidery that every embroiderer should know. Becoming proficient in these areas will not only broaden the scope of your knowledge; it will also make you more valuable to those desiring embroidery services. 


 Product Education

These special products enhance any embroidery and make your work special. Get beyond the basics and familiarize yourself with these wonderful options for stand-out stitching; you'll be glad you did!


 Product Guides

When it comes to vital embroidery supplies libacking and needles, the last thing you need are lingering questions. These straightforward, comprehensive guides will explain everything you need to know and turn mystery into mastery.


 Embroidery Charts

There's no need to risk a guess when you can quickly consult a trusted guide. These at-a-glance charts are download-friendly and printable for posting in your embroidery studio. 


 Shop Talk 

There's more to embroidery than choosing colors and threading needles. Dig deeper with these interesting articles written to encourage, inspire and improve your work and business.