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Join as Madeira USA’s in-house embroidery expert, Nancy Mini dives into the details of working with specific garments and fabric types. 

She will be sharing with you her tips and techniques for working with performance wear, woven dress shirts, outdoor gear and caps! 


4 Fabrics in 40 Minutes

Download the webinar slides here

Madeira USA hosts Erich Campbell in this free webinar. 
He will speak to those embroiderers who may be seriously thinking about taking their love for embroidery to the next level. 
Sure, you love pretty thread colors. But could you keep the fun in the process and start getting paid?
This webinar will cover 4 areas of looking at embroidering through the eyes of a business person, to see where you might fit.

Embroidering For Fun, Fame or Profit?

Download the webinar slides here


We’ve reached out to our customer base for backing challenges that 
are tough to solve. In this webinar, Nancy Mini, our backing and topping 
specialist, addresses the concerns of those who shared what they are up 
against in order to help others avoid any backing blunders that might badly affect your business. 

Stabilizer Solutions Based on Customers' Questions How To Avoid Backing Blunders In Your Business

Download the webinar slides here


Are you turning away small runs of badges? Stop! Join Madeira USA  and Steve Freeman of Digitizing for a webinar. We’ll show you how you can produce badges on site easily, economically and quickly using Madeira's Multifunctional Frame System and E-Zee Badge Film!

Keeping Badge Business In Your Shop

Download the webinar slides here


Industry guru Erich Campbell shares his method of how to achieve the best results in 3D Embroidery. 
Conquer this specialty embroidery so you can offer it to your customers! 
Learn the Keys to Successful 3D Embroidery: 
-Stitch types to pre-topstitching 
-Poke-through to perforation 
-Angles to underlay 
All you need to know, but didn’t know who to ask! Not for beginners, 
this webinar will be inspiring, but technical; thorough and challenging.

Conquering 3D Embroidery With Erich Campbell 

Download the webinar slides here


Tamra Valle, Kreations by Kara, and Nancy Mini at Madeira USA encourage you
to offer unique products by substituting specialty threads into your stock designs! 
We'll start by covering these topics:
-Knowing Your Thread Options 
-Effects on Pricing 
-Expanding Your Creativity by Expanding Your Palette 
-Setting Yourself Apart From The Competition 
-Recognizing the Power of Word of Mouth Advertising!

Be Unique! Substitute Specialty Thread Into Stock Designs

Download the webinar slides here


Are you facing a Digitizing Dilemma? 

Are you not quite getting a design to where you want it? 
We collected a group of our digitizing experts to answer your questions.

Lee Caroselli-Barnes of Balboa ThreadWorks, Rich Medcraft of StitchWise Embroidery Designs and Jesse Elliott at Ignition Drawing are all prepared to take on any and all questions you throw at them!

Ask The Experts: A Digitizers Forum

Download the webinar slides here


Whether your goal is a holiday gift, a fashion statement or unique effects, learn the attributes of these big bold beauties and you can accomplish all three!

Kenny Christopher, the Chief Creative Officer at Embroidery Library, will be joining Madeira USA to review the types of 12 weight threads on the market, and how you can master them. Kenny has been digitizing machine embroidery since 1994, collaborating with artists and digitizers to create and produce design collections at Embroidery Library and Urban Threads. 

Join us for this webinar to learn 
-Design considerations and which needles to use 
-How to alter stock designs and achieve a hand-embroidered look 
-How to create fringe and “fur”

Using 12 Weight Thread For A Hand-Embroidered Effect 

Download the webinar slides here


Are you a trend setter or a trend follower? Sometimes you don’t have a say in the matter. But if a customer is looking to update their logo, try something a little bit different or out of the ordinary, this webinar will give you the right pointers! Watch our webinar with Jesse Elliot of Ignition Drawing as we cover:
-How design trends affect embroidery
-Which specialty threads support the trends
-Making logos look good on performance wear
-What elements to avoid when translating to embroidery

Translating Logos To Embroidery

Download the webinar slides here


Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach, joins us to review the elements that contribute to producing high-quality embroidery!
Catch the best advice from Madeira USA and the industry's Embroidery Coach herself. We'll be covering the best choices and what you should consider when choosing: 
-Thread and Bobbins

Running Right: The 6 Elements You Should Know For Creating Breath-taking Embroidery

Download the webinar slides here


Here at Madeira USA, we think of Nancy Mini as a Superhero! Not because of her muscle, but because of her knowledge and experience when it comes to stabilizers, or, backings. A firm believer that choosing the correct stabilizer can make or break an embroidery design, she has learned from industry pro’s, manufacturers and through trial and error, in order to bring you our webinar! Watch to learn:
-Factors that go into choosing which stabilizer to use
-The importance of choosing quality over price
-How Cut Away and Tear Away differ
-What’s new on the market
-Results to expect from poor choices of stabilizers
-The importance of proper hooping
-How stabilizer can enhance designs on performance wear

Embroidery Stabilizers. The Hidden Hero Of Designs

Download the webinar slides here


This webinar features certified machine techs, Brian Chase and Marcia Chabot.
With combined embroidery experience of over 50 years, each shares information
with listeners on the topic of machine maintenance.
The webinar includes information on:
-Which tools & cleaning supplies to have on hand
-Establishing and keeping track of a maintenance schedule
-Including thread tension, bobbin cases and needles in your routine

Basic Machine Maintenance: Little Things Make A Big Difference...And May Save Big Bucks! 

Download the webinar slides here


Lee Caroselli-Barnes joins Madeira USA in a presentation that shares tips and tricks to make your snowflakes sparkle and your monograms marvelous! We share ideas of how to personalize, customize and use heavier threads for colder months. We go over adding specialty threads to make stock designs unique,
altering designs for heavier weight thread, using shading to add realism, and more!

Threads Of The Season

Download the webinar slides here


Join Madeira USA and Jane Swanzy for an hour in-depth presentation. You will learn how to create maximum visibility for situations that are dangerous, and special effects that will brighten, shine and otherwise call attention to an embroidered product or garment.

Safety & Special Effects: Master Embroidery Techniques For Increasing Visibility

Download the webinar slides here


Madeira USA and Erich Campbell present an hour in-depth webinar. You will learn about cap styles, locations for designs, digitizing tips, using the correct backing and more.

Meeting The Challenge Head On. Embroidering On Caps

Download the webinar slides here


Light is right, when it comes to getting the best results on these tricky fabrics. In this webinar you will learn the best approach to:
- Designs and Digitizing
- Choosing the correct backing
- Hooping performance fabrics
- Needle and Thread

Embroidering On Super Stretchy Performance Fabrics...Think Light!

Download the webinar slides here