Using Metallic Thread

Metallic threads add a great contrast to many embroidery designs, however, they can present a challenge to work with even for experienced embroiderers. Metallic threads feature a metal wrapping around an inner core. Because of this delicate structure, the less they are handled the better.

    • When using a metallic thread, be sure that the design has been digitized specifically for metallics to ensure the least amount of problems.

    • When tensioning the machine for use with metallics, be sure to use the least amount of tension possible in order to reduce thread breaks.

    • To reduce friction, use the appropriate size needle (Madeira's needle chart) which has a larger hole to accommodate the delicate thread.

    • Reduce the speed of your machine to about 600 rpm to lessen friction

    • Buying cones instead of spools can reduce the amount of kinks and twists since it shortens the distance of the thread's path.