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17-6.5 E-ZEE TEAR PL-SOFT 1.8oz

17-6.5 E-ZEE TEAR PL-SOFT 1.8oz


Product Description

6.5in.X6.5in 250/pk

Item 17-6.5 ships from our NH, PA, TX, OH, FL (Jacksonville)  and CA (Fresno) locations.

E-Zee Tear® Plus-Soft 1.8 oz. is a medium weight soft Tear Away stabilizer.

E-Zee Tear® Plus-Soft 1.8 oz. is a medium weight soft Tear Away stabilizer. It tears away easily with minimal stress to the fabric and embroidered design. When torn away the  fuzzy micro fibers that remain will continue to soften over time and wash away during  normal laundering. Great for use with medium and large size designs with medium to heavy density. Use with tightly woven materials like terry towels, napkins, linen, denim, jackets, canvas.


  • E-Zee Tear® Soft-Hefty 2.0 oz. backing
  • White
  • Medium weight
  • Soft Tear Away stabilizer
  • 28.5" x 100 yard roll

For use with:

  • Tightly woven fabric
  • Stable fabric
  • Terry cloth
  • Linen

How to use:
When removing E-Zee Tear® Soft, begin by pulling the excess from where there are points, such as corners or thin columns. Tear from the outer edge in towards the design, which will produce a minimum amount of pressure and the least amount of distortion to the design. 

Please note:
This product tears away easily leaving a small amount of residual fuzz around the edges of embroidered designs that slowly dissipate and wash away. Click Here if you are looking for a washaway backing that can be used for Free Standing Lace (FSL) and easily washes away, 

E-Zee Tear® Plus-Soft backing product sheet.pdf

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