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139-282 Needle Ease
139-282 Needle Ease for embroidery needle changes.
  • 139-282 Needle Ease for embroidery needle changes.
  • 139-282 Needle Ease

Product Description

Needle Ease is a tool to simplify changing embroidery needles accurately.

This revolutionary tool helps you make sure that your embroidery needles are properly oriented every time you change them. The Needle Ease tool features a trademarked “click,” assuring you that your needle is facing forward every time. Remove the guesswork while simplifying the task of changing your needles. Needles need to be changed for certain specialty threads and when they become worn.  The average life span of a running embroidery needle is 8 hours. Change your needles regularly to avoid thread breaks and down time!   


  • Needle Ease
  • Needle changing tool
  • 100% brushed stainless steel
  • American made
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Patented

Use with:

  • Round shank industrial needles

How to use:

Hold the Needle Ease with the “NEEDLEASE.COM” logo and black set screw facing up. Pull back on the green (or red) sleeve with one hand. With your other hand, slide your new needle down into the slot at the tip of the tool. Release the sleeve and slowly rotate the new needle until you hear or feel a “click.” Once you do, your new needle is now facing forward and you can install the needle into your machine. To release the Needle Ease, pull back on the green (or red) sleeve and slide it off of the needle.

Please check out the video below for more help.   

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