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#139-103 Embroidery Machine Bird's Nest Removal Kit

Product Description


This product is not available to ship to the state of California.

Bird nest removal kit can save your embroidery project!

Madeira's bird nest removal kit includes a long-handled blade that makes it easy to separate your embroidery and hooped fabric from the needle plate when bird nesting occurs. Also included is a shepherd’s hook tool that allows you to grab any remaining thread caught inside the rotary hook area. A pair of bent tipped tweezers, for grabbing any additional thread stuck where the bobbin case goes, is also included. Comes with an additional replacement blade.


  • Madeira bird nest removal tool kit
  • Replacement blade
  • Shepard’s hook, 8.5"
  • Bent tip tweezers, 6"
  • Stitch release blade, 9.25"
  • Storage case 10.75" x 4.25" x 1"

How to use:
When a bird nest occurs and your hooped fabric is attached to the needle plate, lift up on the hooped fabric just enough so that you can see the wad of thread (“bird nest”) caught in the needle plate hold. Holding the stitch release tool handle, slide the blade flat against the needle plate until the blade reaches the thread. Gently slide the blade back and forth until the thread is cut and the hoop has been released. Depending on your machine, you can use the shepherd’s hook by sliding it up underneath the needle plate cover and hooking the tip around the caught thread. Gently pull until the thread is released. Use the tweezers to grab any additional threads that are visibly caught up in the rotary hook area. You may need to remove the needle plate cover if the bird nest is very severe.

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