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16-23-100B E-ZEE TEAR 1.5oz

16-23-100B E-ZEE TEAR 1.5oz

16-23-100B E-ZEE TEAR 1.5oz

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Product Description

23inX100yd ROLL BLACK

E-Zee Tear 1.5 ounce is a medium weight, high quality Tear Away stabilizer. The crispness of this backing provides a clean tear when torn away from the back side of a design. It is ideal for use with designs where the backing will be torn away completely to avoid irritation with the skin. Use on woven fabrics with medium sized designs. Tear Away backings should be used for stable, woven fabrics, like twill, denim and canvas.
Available in white.

How to use Tear Away Stabilizers
Cut a piece from a roll or select a piece of pre-cut to fit your hoop size. Hoop by placing the backing underneath the garment. Embroider the design and remove the embroidered item from the hoop. Carefully tear the excess backing away, to avoid excess pressure on the design.

Helpful Hint:
Depending on the fabric and the design, the design can be distorted when the backing is torn away. When removing the backing, start where there are points such as corners to begin tearing. Tearing from the outer edge of a corner or a point to the inside will produce minimal pressure on the design.


E-Zee Tear® 1.5 Instructional sheet.pdf

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