Madeira USA provides a wide range of machine embroidery needles. Check on the Needle Chart link below and download the pdf for more information.

Choosing the correct Needle Shank:
Round shanks fit in most commercial embroidery machines
Flat-Sided shanks fit in most home and Brother PR multi-needle embroidery machines

Choosing a Needle Size:
Needles sizes #65/9 to #75/11 are your most popular size needles and work well with 60 and 40 weight threads. The larger the needle size, the larger the needle and needle eye. Larger size needles are necessary for some metallic and other thicker threads.

Choosing a Needle Tip:
Ballpoint needles are commonly used for knit and lightly woven fabric
Sharp point needles are commonly used for tightly and heavy woven fabric
Universal point are for home machines only

Download a free needle user guide that will help you in your embroidery journey!

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