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ML-5 Madeira Embroidery Machine Lubricant

ML-5 Madeira Embroidery Machine Lubricant

#ML-5 Madeira Embroidery Machine Lubricant
  • #ML-5 Madeira Embroidery Machine Lubricant
  • #ML-5 Madeira Embroidery Machine Lubricant

Product Description


Madeira machine lubricant has a precision metered spray for embroidery machines.

Madeira's ML-5 machine lubricant has a metered spray that dispenses the equivalent of a single drop of oil. The precisely measured spray is ideal for daily lubrication of embroidery machines.


  • Madeira ML-5 embroidery lubricant
  • Precision metered oil release
  • 100% clear lubricating oil
  • Applies a "drop" at a time
  • 6.84 oz. spray can

For use with:

  • Embroidery machines
  • Sewing machines
  • Other textile machinery

How to use:
Carefully attach the extension straw in the nozzle. Point the straw at the location that needs lubricating and press down on the nozzle. Release as soon as it has released the measured amount of spray. Re-apply as needed or per your machine manufacturer’s recommendations. Please refer to your machine’s manual for specific maintenance of your machine.

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