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MK-1 Machine Maintenance Bundle

MK-1 Machine Maintenance Bundle


Product Description


Machine Maintenance Bundle!

This embroidery machine maintenance bundle includes most of what you need to have your machine running in tip top shape in no time. Regular maintenance will cut down significantly on down time. This bundle includes lubricants, canned air, surface cleaner, a cleaning brush and a precision screwdriver set.


  • Madeira Lubricant – A metered spray standardizes machine lubrication
  • Ultra Duster compressed air – Cleans rotary hook area, table tops, thread paths, bobbin cases
  • Hook Wash – Deep  cleans rotary hook area and underneath needle plates 
  • Sprayway® Glass & Surface Cleaner – Keeps embroidery machine tables free from dirt, oil, grease, grime
  • Precision Screwdriver Set – Adjusts bobbin case tensions and loosens needle screws
  • Dual tipped cleaning brush – Cleans machine parts with accuracy
  • A $37.55 value for $29.95

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