HC-40-SP Highly Conductive Embroidery Thread #40

HC-40-SP Highly Conductive Embroidery Thread #40

HC-40-SP Highly Conductive Embroidery Thread #40

Product Description

273 yard cone

Ships from Laconia NH only!

Highly Conductive Embroidery Thread can also be used as a sewing yarn and is available in 2 basic resistances per meter (100 and 300 ohm). Product oxidation and color changes do not harm conductivity. All electrical devices must be tested by the developer and have to conform to regulations and laws. Madeira USA only supplies a thread with the described properties and no electrical applications of any kind. 

The washability of the finished garment depends on the electrical components, the way it has been embroidered and the washing process. For HC threads, use the following guidelines:
Protect the circuitry with insulating thread or waterproof film 
Wash up to 30 °C/86 °F without bleaching or acid agents
Always use a laundry bag

HC 40 is heavy fully silver-plated polyamide embroidery thread with resistance <300 Ohm/m. Easy to set dtex 117x2 embroidery thread for standard 75/11 or 80/12 needles. Available in 273 yard (250 meter) cones.

Textile Heatings
Smart gloves
LED lighting, Signage, Security, Decorative, Fashion
Sensors (Air quality, light, colors, humidity etc)
Earphone connectors in the garment
Medical Therapy sensors (heart rate, pulse, etc)
Car seat heating
Ambient lighting in home textiles

What do you need to use it?
Knowledge in electrical engineering
Knowledge and equipment for technical embroidery (recommended are ZSK and Tajima machines)
Equipment to properly digitize electrical circuitry
Additional components include: LED sequins, programmable chip and software etc.
Use HC thread for low voltage applications up to 9V only! We can only guarantee the properties of unused thread. Please make sure that your final applications are thoroughly tested and compliant to your local laws and regulations. We recommend to carefully test with prototypes to ensure that the thread and designs meet your technical and functional requirements.

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