139-805 Golden Eagle 12-Piece Squeeze Snips

139-805 Golden Eagle 12-Piece Squeeze Snips

Red snips in front of multi-colored snips
  • Red snips in front of multi-colored snips
  • Package full of snips

Product Description


Please note: The color(s) of this product may vary from multi-colors per pack to all gold. The snips themselves are the same.

Golden Eagle 12-piece squeeze snips are perfect for trimming embroidery thread.

These lightweight, spring-action snips have smooth, stainless steel handles and sharp, straight blades. The easy spring-back squeeze action reduces hand fatigue and allows for clean and close thread trimming and can be used by right- or left-handed embroiderers. Each affordable, 12-piece set consists of a four-color assortment which makes them perfect for large and small shops alike and ideal for keeping a pair or two at each machine for easy accessibility.


  • Stainless Steel Metal
  • Straight blades
  • Fine point tips
  • 4.25” long
  • 12-snip set in four assorted colors
  • Left hand friendly!

How to use:

For trimming thread prior to rethreading needles, allow a length of thread to hang freely for a nice clean trim. When trimming threads from embroidered designs, hold the excess thread with your other hand or use a pair of tweezers like item 957-6 and use the points of the blades for a close trim.

Use for:

  • Embroidery
  • Quilting
  • Sewing

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