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Customer Reviews

Allison was AWESOME! She really came through to help me with what
I needed and made the process quick and easy!

Once again … you have saved the day??!!! If I don’t say it enough …
please know that we appreciate your efforts and value our relationship.

Stephen made this hard to find color super easy

Shawne was fast and efficient.
Thank you Shawne!

This is my first order with you and I love, love, love the responsiveness to my typed online request, the speed of delivery,
but most of all, the fabulous customer support I received when calling in. Outstanding!! Thank you!

Courtney was absolutely awesome to deal with.
She was very polite & friendly & extremely helpful.

This is the first time I use your chat service which is faster.
The attendant answered my questions beyond my expectations. Thank you!

Shery was amazing and awesome, very good representative.
Give her ten stars for me. Lots of good advice.
Great company also. Been using Madeira for over 12 years.

I ordered thread for a Christmas Project I was planning, from Embroidery Library.
What a nightmare it turned out to be. If it wasn't for Rita Riley, I would have thrown all my Madeira thread out the window...theoretically.
Embroidery Library never responded to my problems with the design and the thread they suggested, which was impossible to buy anywhere near me.
I posted my complaint on FB and "think" Rita Riley must have seen my complaint and tried to help me.
She is wonderful, fabulous and a credit to your company!

Courtney was so much help & quick to respond.

Courtney was a great help very happy to work with her today.

Cindy was awesome. Quick to respond and took care of what I need right away. Thanks!