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#9467 Burmilana Embroidery Brush

Product Description


Ships from Fresno CA and Jacksonville FL only.

Burmilana brush set is used to give embroidered stitches the appearance of fur or feathers.

The Madeira Burmilana brush gives designs embroidered with Madeira Burmilana and/or BurmilanaCo embroidery threads a lovely soft, fluffy appearance. If your Burmilana design is stitched with long, loose stitches, use the soft brush to brush gently and slowly. Use the hard brush for smaller, tighter stitches and brush more vigorously. Works best on designs embroidered on heavy, woven fabrics.


  • Madeira Burmilana brush set
  • 2 wire brushes

How to use:
Use the softer brush on long, loose stitches. Brush gently and slowly. For tighter, smaller stitches, use the hard brush, using more force.

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