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911-12-PASTEL MADEIRA Classic Rayon #40 WEIGHT

911-12-PASTEL MADEIRA Classic Rayon #40 WEIGHT

#911-12-PASTEL Madeira Classic Rayon #40 Machine Embroidery Thread 12 Color Pastel Shade Kit.

Product Description


#911-12-PASTEL Madeira Classic Rayon #40 Machine Embroidery Thread 12 Color Pastel Shade Kit.

Add a range of pastel shades to your machine embroidery thread collection with this 12 solid color shade kit. The kit includes 12 pre-selected 1,100 yard #40 weight Classic Rayon Mini Snap Cones, plus a free cones storage case. 

Madeira's 100% eco-friendly viscose rayon embroidery thread runs exceptionally well on high-speed multi-head embroidery machines and semi-pro home machines. The super soft nature of Madeira’s Classic Rayon embroidery thread ensures minimal loop formation and protects moving parts such as needles and cutters from wear. A soft hand is maintained, even with high stitch count designs.

Included Colors:

  • 911-1045
  • 911-1092
  • 911-1030
  • 911-1097
  • 911-1647 
  • 911-1017
  • 911-1121
  • 911-1148
  • 911-1232
  • 911-1261
  • 911-1067
  • 911-1135

Color substitutions may occur.

Known worldwide for its high tensile strength and glossy luster, Classic Rayon is the ideal embroidery thread for all types of embroidery.

Classic Rayon Family Specifications:

  • Colors: 387 Solid Colors, 19 Ombre Colors, 6 Multi Colors and 10 Astro Colors
  • Digitization: Average 4.0 density 
  • Recommended Needle: #65/9 or #75/11
  • Classic Rayon is Available In: #40 5,500 yard cones or 1,100 yard spools, #60 1,640 yard spools, #30 714 yard spools and #12 2,200 yard cones
  • Oeko-Tek® certified to be free from harmful substances. Certification here
  • Learn more about Madeira's commitment to Eco-Friendly Embroidery Supplies
  • For large orders, speak with a representative about setting up an account. 

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