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78-30 E-ZEE CAP 3.0oz

78-30 E-ZEE CAP 3.0oz

78-30 E-ZEE CAP 3.0oz

Product Description

4.5inX7in 250/pk WHITE

E-Zee Cap® 3.0 ounce is a heavy weight Tear Away backing cut specifically to fit in cap frames. Tension is maintained with the use of a cap backing, resulting in clean, clear and crisp designs. Great for the Front, Sides and Back of structured and non-structured Caps. Tears away cleanly and easily. Great For Creating Crisp Designs on caps. These 4.5" x 7" pre-cut sizes allows you to embroider on the front of the cap.

Helpful Hints
To prevent “flagging”, be sure that the design is digitized for caps. These designs should stitch from the center out and from the bottom up. Keep the designs within the allotted sewing area of your cap and frame. Most caps require a sharp needle. If you experience needle or thread breaks try using a #80/12 standard eye needle. Using a longer piece of backing that covers two-thirds of the cap may help with hooping. Choose caps that work best with your machine. Underlay stitches can also assist in avoiding “flagging.”


E-Zee Cap® 3.0 Instructional sheet.pdf

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