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70-22-25 E-ZEE POLY MESH 1.5oz

70-22-25 E-ZEE POLY MESH 1.5oz


Product Description

20inX25yd ROLL WHITE

E-Zee Poly Mesh 1.5 ounce is a low profile, 100% polyester woven backing .

Use it to prevent show through on white or light garments. Also recommended for designs with narrow columns or points. Use with a lightweight Tear Away for best results during the embroidery process.


  •  E-Zee Polymesh 1.5 oz. backing
  • White
  • Woven material
  • Low profile (thin)
  • Lightweight
  • Cut Away stabilizer
  • 22" x 25 yard roll

Use with:

  • Nylon fabric
  • Delicate fabric

How to use:
Cut a piece from a roll of E-Zee Poly Mesh stabilizer and a piece of E-Zee Tear® Lightweight stabilizer appropriate for your design and hoop size. To hoop, place the Tear Away stabilizer down first, then E-Zee Poly Mesh and place the garment on top. Embroider the design and remove the embroidered item from the hoop. Tear off the excess Tear Away stabilizer first. Trim the excess E-Zee Poly Mesh stabilizer with scissors. Putting the Tear Away on the bottom helps with the hooping process in addition to added stability during the embroidery process. A more crisp design may be obtain immediately and hold up for the life of the garment. 


E-Zee Poly Mesh 1.5 backing product sheet.pdf

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