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602-80-S ORGAN TITAN NEEDLE #80/12

602-80-S ORGAN TITAN NEEDLE #80/12

602-80-S ORGAN TITAN NEEDLE #80/12

Product Description


These large eye Organ needles have round shanks and are used with high speed commercial embroidery machines.

Organ's PD/Perfect Durability needles feature a Titanium Nitride finish that provides superior wear resistance when used with particularly tough fabrics. They have a high resistance to abrasion, making them the perfect choice when embroidering on heavy duty fabrics. Includes 100 needles.


  • #80/12 PD embroidery needles
  • Titanium Coated
  • PD/Perfect Durability
  • Sharp
  • Industrial round shank
  • Large Eye-DBxK5
  • 100 per box

Use with these threads:

  • Classic Rayon #40
  • Classic Rayon #30
  • Polyneon #40
  • Polyester CR #40
  • Fire Fighter #40
  • FS #40

Recommended for:

  • Tough fabrics
  • Heavy denim fabric
  • Heavy leather material
  • Caps

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