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35-8.8 E-ZEE TEAR LtWEIGHT 1.0oz

35-8.8 E-ZEE TEAR LtWEIGHT 1.0oz


Product Description

8inX8in 250/pk WHITE

E-Zee Tear® Lightweight 1.0 oz. is a lightweight, Tear Away backing for embroidering with heavy woven and stable fabrics. 

Use  it alone for small solid designs, or in combination with E-Zee Weblon No Show, E-Zee Poly Mesh  or E-Zee Cut® Performance backing for added stability when embroidering on performance wear fabrics. Tear Away stabilizers should be used  with stable, non-stretchy fabrics. Available in white.


  • E-Zee Tear® Lightweight 1.0 oz. backing
  • White
  • Lightweight
  • Crisp Tear Away stabilizer
  • 8" x 8" pre-cuts
  • 250 pieces per pack

For use with:

  • Tightly woven fabric
  • Stable fabric

How to use:
Select a piece of pre-cut E-Zee Tear® Lightweight to fit your hoop size. Hoop by placing the backing underneath the garment. Embroider the design and remove the embroidered item from the hoop. Carefully tear the excess backing away, to avoid excess pressure on the design.

Using along with E-Zee Weblon No Show, E-Zee Poly Mesh or E-Zee Cut® Performance backing:
To hoop, place the E-Zee Tear® Away Lightweight backing down first, then sandwich the E-Zee Weblon No Show backing in between the garment on top and the Tear Away backing. Embroider the design and remove the embroidered item from the hoop. Tear off the excess Tear Away backing first. Trim the excess Cut Away backing with scissors.

Helpful hint:
When removing E-Zee Tear® Lightweight, begin by pulling the excess from where there are points, such as corners or thin columns. Tear from the outer edge in towards the design, which will produce a minimum amount Of pressure and the least amount of distortion to the design.


E-Zee Tear® Lightweight 1.0 backing product sheet.pdf

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