102-100-S MADEIRA NEEDLE #100/16

102-100-S MADEIRA NEEDLE #100/16

102-100-S MADEIRA NEEDLE #100/16

Product Description


These large eye 100/16 Madeira needles have round shanks and are used with high speed commercial embroidery machines. 

 Manufactured by Groz-Beckert®, these needles are designed for use on high speed commercial embroidery machines. The extra space in their large eye makes them easier to thread. The average life span of a running embroidery needle is 8 hours. Change your needles regularly to avoid thread breaks. Fewer thread breaks will result in less down time! Skipped stitches are generally caused by a worn-out needle eye. Conveniently packaged in 10 break-apart trays. Flip open lid allows for the removal of 1 or 2 needles at a time. Fits most commercial embroidery machines.


  • #100/16 embroidery needles
  • Sharp (RG)
  • Industrial round shank
  • Large Eye-DBxK5
  • 100 per box

Use with these threads:

  • Classic Rayon #12
  • FS Metallic #20
  • Burmilana #12
  • BurmilanaCo #12

Recommended for:

  • Tightly woven fabric

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