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101-700-3 MAGIC INK PENS

101-700-3 MAGIC INK PENS

#101-700-3 MAGIC INK PENS

Product Description


Black, Red and Blue touch-up pens is for covering small bobbin thread show-through.

Magic touch-up pens can be used in small areas where the bobbin thread is showing on the top side of an embroidered design. Caution: Magic Touch-Up pens are intended to be used in small areas only. Overuse may result in ink bleeding onto garments.


  • Permanent touch-up markers, 3 Colors:
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue

How to use:

Using the tip of the marker, dot the area of exposed bobbin thread to be colored in. Caution: Use sparingly. Overuse may result in bleeding onto garments. A combination of multiple pen colors may be needed to best match your top thread color. Always test on a separate piece of material first.

Used for:

Covering white bobbin thread show-through. Use single colors or multiple pens to match top threads.


How to Use Magic Ink Pens.pdf

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