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Product Description


Use PANTONE® color formula guides for matching corporate and team sports logos.

The PANTONE® Matching System (PMS) is used universally and is the global standard for color matching. This packet of PANTONE® formula guides comes with both a coated (for "C" coded PMS colors) and an uncoated (for "U" coded PMS colors). We recommend using the Coated colors to match with threads, since the gloss on the color comes closer to the shine on our thread. The color guides have an indexed number system, allowing you to easily flip to a specified PMS color swatch. The fan style allows you to pull out and segregate color swatches for easy thread matching. Match corporate logo specified PMS colors to any Madeira embroidery thread type. This essential tool for embroiderers and promotional products agents will save both time and money. Madeira has hundreds of colors to choose from, while Pantone® has thousands. Madeira works very closely with Pantone® and most of Madeira's Classic Rayon and Polyneon 100% polyester thread colors have assigned PMS matches.  For those PMS colors without an official match to Madeira thread colors, having this tool on hand will allow you to easily match PMS colors to thread colors.


  • Coated PANTONE® Formula Guide
  • Uncoated PANTONE® Formula Guide
  • Index for locating color swatches

For use with:

  • Matching PANTONE® Matching System (PMS) corporate and team assigned colors to embroidery threads. 

Please note: Never leave your PANTONE® color guide open in direct light for long periods of time. Keep it closed or folded up when not in use to avoid fading.

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