#10-BB-B Bodybuilder Embroidery Foam Black 10 Pack

Product Description

11.75inX15.75in 3mil BLK

E-Zee BodyBuilder Hard is a firm 3D foam that produces a more rigid, raised embroidery effect. 

It is 3 mm thick. To fully cover foam, it is necessary to increase the density of a 3D design. Great for caps, jackets, bags, aprons and other stable fabrics. Designs must be digitized specifically for 3D Embroidery. Available in white and black. Comes in a 10 sheet package


  • E-Zee BodyBuilder Hard 3D Foam
  • Black
  • 3mm Firm
  • 11.75" x 15.75 sheet
  • 10 pieces per pack

For use with:

  • Caps
  • Bags
  • Letters
  • Monograms
  • Raised embroidery effect

How to use:
It is best to insert a stop in the design after the flat part of the embroidery is done and before the 3D part of the embroidery is started. Cut a piece of E-Zee BodyBuilder hard large enough to cover the area to be stitched. When the machine stops and is ready for the foam, lay the foam over the area to be stitched inside the hoop. Tape the edges of the foam to hold it down. You may use a spray adhesive as an alternative. Continue stitching the design. Remove the excess foam by tearing it away. Tweezers are helpful for the small areas that need to be removed. Use a pointed object to poke in any small pieces of foam that remain and are sticking out of the design. You may also use a heat gun to shrink them into the design. Be careful not to set the temperature too high or you will end up melting the thread.


E-Zee Bodybuilder hard Foam product sheet.pdf

How to Use 3D.pdf

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